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Approved Advisers under the Carbon Farming Advice Rebate Program are approved professional advisers who are suitably qualified to provide advice on carbon farming and the Land Restoration Fund (LRF).

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About the Land Restoration Fund Approved Adviser Program

Approved Advisers under the Carbon Farming Advice Rebate Program approves professional advisers who can assist land holders with carbon farming and LRF advice.

Approved Advisers provide advice within their area of expertise tailored to each land holder’s specific circumstances and property.

The Approved Adviser Program aims to create a network of experienced advisers throughout Queensland.

Approved Advisers may be able to assist land holders with information about: 

  • the opportunities and implications of undertaking a carbon farming project 
  • the underpinning regulatory framework and approved methods of generating carbon credits in Australia 
  • the LRF and its relationship with carbon farming including co-benefits
  • how to access and interpret site specific information including: 
    • land tenure restrictions and requirements 
    • obligations for commitment of land in both area and time 
    • application of potential methods 
    • potential co-benefits 
  • legal and financial considerations of undertaking a carbon farming project including an indicative cost benefit analysis that could influence a land holder’s decision to lodge an application for the LRF. 

Apply to be an Approved Adviser

Applicants are required to complete a free online training course and complete the exam (45 mins) as well as provide information describing their experience and industry specialisation.

Once certified, Approved Advisers will be added to a list of qualified Approved Advisers on the QRIDA website, and may be contacted by land holders and others seeking carbon farming advice.

Apply here

View the information to apply as a LRF Approved Adviser.

Benefits of being a LRF Approved Adviser

The decision to start a carbon farming project is complex, and many land holders rely on professional advice to help them decide if carbon farming is right for their business.

Becoming an Approved Adviser provides an opportunity to use your professional industry expertise to support land holders to better understand opportunities associated with carbon farming, particularly those offered by the LRF.

Eligible professionals to become Approved Advisers





Valid and current practising certificate.

Experience in providing commercial legal advice to land holders.



Full membership as a Chartered Accountant; Certification as a Certified Practicing Accountant; or membership to the Institute of Public Accountants.


Experience in providing business accounting advice to land holders.

Carbon Project Developer

A signatory to the Carbon Market Institute Code of Conduct.

Experience as a carbon farming Project Developer (also known as a carbon agent, aggregator or carbon service provider)


Environmental Consultant

A relevant environmental qualification and membership with the relevant industry association e.g., Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.


Experience in providing advice to land holders.

Agribusiness Adviser

An Adviser to agribusiness such as an agronomist or other consultant.

Experience in providing advice to land holders.


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