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  • The Extraordinary Disaster Assistance Recovery Grants may be able to assist primary producers in re-establishing topsoil. Please contact QRIDA to discuss your circumstances.

  • Yes, you can apply again on invoices you have not already received payment on through DAF.  The amount you have received under the DAF program counts towards the $300,000 maximum under the program. For example if you have already received $100,000 from DAF under the Horticulture Netting Apple and Pear program you can receive no more than $200,000 through QRIDA. 

    You will also be required to consent to DAF providing information on your Horticulture Netting (Apple and Pear) program including the invoices paid to QRIDA.

  • A primary producer is either

    1. a sole trader who
      • spends the majority of the person’s labour on a primary production enterprise; and
      • derives the majority of the person’s income from the primary production enterprise; or
    2. a partnership, company or trust that carries on a primary production enterprise, any partners, shareholders, or beneficiaries
      • spend the majority of their labour on a primary production enterprise; and
      • derive the majority of their income from the primary production enterprise.

    A primary production enterprise is an enterprise that:

    1. is carried on by a sole trader, trust, partnership or proprietary company; and
    2. that involves primary production, including the agricultural, apicultural, aqua cultural, forestry, grazing and horticultural industries; and
    3. holds an Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Horticultural crops for the purposes of the scheme includes the following activities:

    • nursery and floriculture production;
    • mushroom and vegetable growing;
    • fruit and tree nut growing excluding grapes used for production within viticulture.
  • Yes, you may apply for conditional approval before purchasing or installing netting.

    In these circumstances you will be required to provide quotes to support your application.

  • Yes, however protective netting must have been purchased and installed after 16 December 2019 for apple and pear crops and 14 December 2021 for all other horticultural crops.

  • Grant funding is not guaranteed at any stage of the application process and QRIDA is only able to approve and fund applications subject to the availability of Australian Government funding for this program.

  • A range of funding sources can be used for your co-contribution, including credit accounts, term deposits, Farm Management Deposits or other investments, and funds available within existing loan facilities or raised through new loans.

    Your co-contribution cannot be funded from a grant (government or non-government) or charitable source. This includes the $75,000 Special Disaster Assistance Recovery Grant and the Freight Subsidy administered by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

  • For full definition’s related to the Scheme please read the guidelines.

  • For full definition’s related to the Scheme please read the guidelines.

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