Vessel Tracking Rebate Scheme

The Queensland Government Vessel Tracking Rebate Scheme offsets the costs commercial fishers incur to purchase and have approved vessel tracking units installed on their commercial fishing boats.

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The Queensland Sustainable Fisheries Strategy 2017 – 2027 outlines a ten-year reform agenda for the sustainable management of Queensland fisheries. 

Costs eligible for the rebate include those for the purchase and installation of approved vessel tracking units. 

View the frequently asked questions or guidelines below for more information. 

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Applications close 30 June 2027.

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More details on where you can buy units can also be found online by searching for the Fisheries Queensland Vessel Tracking Installation and Maintenance Standard. 

Category Unit
A SPOT Trace
B YB3i (RockFLEET) 
B IDP690/ST6100
B IDP800 
B Thrane and Thrane 3027
B Furuno Felcom 16
B CLS Triton ADV

In addition to a completed application, applicants must provide QRIDA with: 

  • Fishing licence authority number(s); 
  • Evidence of the purchase of approved vessel tracking unit(s) including: 
    • Tax invoices showing full details of the unit(s) and (if claimed) installation costs; 
    • Evidence of payment for these invoices in the form of a bank statement, bank receipt or official receipt from the supplier; and 
    • Serial number of the vessel tracking unit(s) (the number registered within FishNet SECURE). 


No. Applicants are only eligible for the rebate if they have purchased an approved vessel tracking unit. Please refer to the full list of eligible unit models in Table 1 of the Fisheries Queensland Vessel Tracking Installation and Maintenance Standard. 

You need to buy the units approved for your fishery. Please search online for the Fisheries Queensland Vessel Tracking Installation and Maintenance Standard to find which units are approved for which fishery. 

No. While you can choose to have the equipment installed as you see fit for particular units, you will only be able to claim a rebate for the installation costs if professionally installed. 

You require an approved unit for each primary and each powered tender boat you are using in your commercial fishing operation. Please refer to the Fisheries (General) Regulation 2019 for further details. 

The SPOT Trace unit is a Category A unit. Category B units are YB3i (RockFLEET), Skywave IDP690, IDP800, Orbcomm ST6100, CLS Triton ADV, Thrane & Thrane 3027 and Furuno Felcom-16.

This depends on your licence and the symbols attached to your licence. Please refer to the below table for a summary of what you can be entitled to.


Eligible licence types

Eligible fishery symbol combinations on the licence

Maximum number of rebates 

Charter Fishing Licence 

No symbol 

No more than 7 

Commercial Harvest Fishery Licence

One symbol only, either A1, A2 or D

No more than 3

B1 only

No more than 5

Multiple symbols, one of which is A1, A2 or D

No more than 3

J1 only

No more than 6

Commercial Fishing Boat Licence 

One symbol only, either C1, C2, C3, L3(0), M1, M2, N11, T1, T2, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8 or T9

No more than 1

L3(1) only 

No more than 2 

One symbol only, either K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7, K8, N1, N2, N3, N4, N10, N12 or N13

No more than 3 

Only symbol only, either L1, L2, L4, L8 or R 

No more than 7 but depends on number of tenders with symbol 

L1 or L2 or L3 or L8 and RQ or SM 

No more than 7 but depends on number of tenders with symbol 

Multiple symbols, one of which is L1 or L2 or L4 or L8 or R but non RQ or SM 

No more than 7 but depends on number of tenders with symbol 

Multiple symbols none of which are L1 or L2 or L4 or L8 or R 

No more than 3 


Yes, up to a maximum of $220 for installation costs but conditions apply. 

Yes. To be eligible for the rebate, all vessel tracking units must be registered on FishNet SECURE.

FishNet SECURE can be accessed via the following link: 

Note: You are required to register your vessel tracking unit to the associated licence and boat mark (and if on a tender, the tender number) on FishNet SECURE. Registering your vessel tracking unit on FishNet SECURE will not activate the unit with your airtime provider (e.g. CLS Oceania, Pivotel or Pole Star).

Up to $300 of the cost of category A units and $750 of category B units. 

No, only the permanent holder of a licence can make a claim. 

Only eligible vessel tracking units purchased between 1 June 2018 and 30 June 2022 can be claimed under this scheme.

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