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  • Loans eligible for refinancing are those obtained from a financial institution and held immediately before the disaster event, in relation to carrying on a primary production enterprise, small business or non-profit activities, other than any of the following types of loans:

    1. off-balance sheet financing
    2. a short-term credit facility
    3. a loan established at a concessional rate under a Commonwealth or State government scheme or
    4. an equipment finance loan.
  • Yes, in limited circumstances funds can be used to refinance a commercial loan.

  • If your application is successful, you may choose for QRIDA to pay the invoice directly to the service providers, up to the approved amount, or for QRIDA to reimburse funds to your nominated bank account if you have already paid invoices.

  • Assistance amounts provided under the scheme will be calculated on the invoice amount excluding GST.

    (You may be eligible to claim this GST component as part of your normal Business Activity Statement (BAS) submissions).

  • Questions concerning your personal taxation circumstances should be directed to your taxation advisor or the Australian Taxation Office on 13 72 86.

  • Yes. You are required to start providing taxi services using your new wheelchair accessible taxi within three months after receiving a grant under the scheme. (A longer period may be approved by QRIDA if required).

    If you do not use the new wheelchair accessible taxi to provide a taxi service under the current licence for a period of at least three years, you will be required to repay assistance received on a pro-rata basis.

  • Yes, both taxi service licence holders and lessees may be eligible under this scheme. However, only one allocation of funding to replace the vehicle will be approved per licence.

  • Yes, however only one grant is available per taxi service licence. QRIDA is unable to approve multiple applications made under a single eligible taxi licence. If an owner or operator has multiple WAT’s they can make applications for each vehicle if they meet the criteria.

  • No. To be eligible for assistance, all wheelchair-accessibility devices must be purchased new. Any reused equipment will not be eligible.

  • No. To be eligible for assistance, your vehicle must be at least 6 years old, have an odometer reading of at least 800,000kms and repairs with an estimated cost of $10,000 (excluding GST) determined in writing by a mechanic, panel beater or other relevant tradesperson. You may be able to apply in subsequent funding rounds of this scheme once your vehicle has reached the age requirement.

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