Reviewing a decision

QRIDA is committed to ensuring that you have the option to request a review of or appeal a decision for assistance regarding an application you are dissatisfied with.

QRIDA reviewing a decision

Information to submit when requesting a review of a decision

If you would like QRIDA to review or appeal a decision on your application for assistance you will need to provide adequate information outlining your reasons for requesting a review, including: 

  • state you are requesting a review or appealing the decision made (when emailing
  • your reasons for dissatisfaction
  • commentary on how you meet the specific scheme eligibility criteria that QRIDA considers have not been met
  • any critical information that was not included in your original application or that you believe has been overlooked by QRIDA any additional information that supports your reasoning and allows QRIDA's Chief Executive Officer or delegate to decide your request. 

Request process

The process for QRIDA's review of decisions (or to appeal a decision) is outlined below. 

  1. Decision – QRIDA assesses your application for assistance, makes a decision to approve or decline your application and communicates this to you. 
  2. Request for review – If you are dissatisfied with the decision regarding your application, you can request a review of this decision. All requests for a review must be submitted to QRIDA within 20 business days, after receiving the original written decision notification from QRIDA. 
  3. Review of decision – QRIDA’s Chief Executive Officer or delegate will review your application’s decisions within 30 business days of receiving your application for a review. 

The outcome of the review will be communicated to you in writing via email to confirm the original decision, amend the original decision or substitute another decision for the original decision. 

Submitting your request

There are two ways you can request a review or appeal a decision:

  1. Submit your request by opening the QRIDA application portal and selecting the ‘Appeal’ button associated with your portal application. This will notify QRIDA that you are requesting this application’s decisions be reviewed.
  2. Detail your request to QRIDA in writing and email this to This request will be lodged with QRIDA’s system so that your application can be reviewed.
Further review

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this review, you are entitled to request a further review under the Judicial Review Act 1991(Qld) and/or by the State Ombudsman.

Last updated: 01 December 2023