What we offer

Administering programs for government agencies at state, territory and federal levels, you can be assured we provide the highest governance, performance and accountability standards.

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Financial program design and delivery services

QRIDA has experience delivering a variety of financial assistance programs including loans, grants, rebates and subsidies, targeted at individuals, businesses and non-profit organisations.

Our approach provides assurance in that no matter the program or applicant type, your program will be delivered according to best practice principles and recognised project management methodology.

QRIDA provides a broad, flexible and cost-effective range of financial assistance program design and delivery services. These services are flexible and aligned to a process model configured to meet the specific requirements of a program as outlined below.

QRIDA application processing model

QRIDA delivers programs across various delivery models


The program is marketed under your name and branding and we provide timely and cost-effective delivery of application receipt, assessment support and payment services.


We deliver the program with tailored branding aligned to QRIDA and specific to your program. We take program enquires and advertise the program on our website and other channels as required.

Jointly administered

In program branding and marketing, we acknowledge the program is administered in partnership between QRIDA and your organisation.

Partial service

We provide partial program services as you request, appropriate if, for example QRIDA can make assessments and recommendations only.

QRIDA offers a range of advisory services

  • Advice, reports and recommendations on best practice program administration
  • Grant management frameworks and process manuals
  • Audits and diagnostics on existing programs
  • Due diligence and viability assessments.

QRIDA developed the Community Grants Program Management Guide for Queensland Local Governments, aimed at providing a practical and usable resource to assist Queensland councils develop and deliver community grants programs.

Financial capability assessment

Drawing on our significant credit and financial assessment skills, QRIDA can provide financial capability and compliance assessments to support due diligence processes and service contractor selection and performance monitoring.

QRIDA is an approved provider contractor of financial capability assessments and business case review services under the Queensland Government Standing Offer Arrangement for the Provision of Professional Services (SOA QGP0050-18 (T1)).

Program performance reviews and evaluation

QRIDA offers program review and evaluation services, appropriate for new, existing or complete programs. We work closely with you to measure program progress and success in accordance with the program’s aim and objectives.

Direct access call centre service

Depending on your needs we can advise on how to best set up your own call centre or alternatively QRIDA can include telephone support as part of our service delivery. We offer a centralised direct contact support centre which can be available during business hours anywhere in Australia. We will work closely with you to tailor the call centre's approach to your program’s needs.

Regional and remote support services in Queensland

QRIDA has 11 Regional Area Managers located across regional Queensland and can provide additional contact points for your program. We can discuss the capacity of this team to add value to your program through their unique understanding and insights into their rural and remote communities.

Marketing and communications

Complementing a full program delivery service, QRIDA can also ensure your marketing and communication needs are met. A range of services are available depending on the level of marketing and communications activity you require to reach your intended audience. This can range from strategy and planning, branding and design, to the development of collateral and communications. With access to a wide variety of channels and reporting tools, the marketing and communications team can develop and deliver strategies and tactics that meet your program goals and objectives.

Last updated: 17 April 2023